Alpinestars SMX6 V2 Gore-Tex boots review

Alpinestars SMX6 V2 price, Gore-Tex version waterproofing, comfort.

Full-size riding boots are a very regular part of my daily life. I even commute in them and tend to wear them all day at the office as well. With that sort of usage, I’ve had the opportunity to use plenty of boots over the years, and one model has consistently stood out as being a great option for road use – the Alpinestars SMX6 v2.

Constructed in microfibre leather – like most sport boots – these don’t use natural leather. They’re designed to give you a great balance between comfort and protection, and while I’d probably prefer something more protective for the track, I did crash in a pair of SMX6s twice in one race weekend many years ago and they kept my feet safe.

What I loved about those boots for road use was how they were comfy for all-day use but also got a good amount of protection in the ankle, heel and shin area. So when it was time for a fresh pair of boots for road use, I decided to go back to the SMX6s, albeit in the Gore-Tex version this time.

Gore-Tex liner runs quite high.

The last three sets of my regular use boots have all been Gore-Tex lined and I’m a fan of the material. Sure, its waterproofing ability is great, but what appeals most is the breathability aspect when it’s not raining. That means that I can wear them even in an intensely hot and humid place like Mumbai, and not feel like my feet are trapped in a sauna.

That being said, be aware that Gore-Tex boots will still feel a fair bit warmer than your typical non-waterproof boots. You won’t have sweaty feet, but that warmth is something you’ll have to live with. Since I am constantly travelling and often end up riding in the rain, I find the tradeoff worth it.

Biomechanical hinge adds protection.

Beyond the waterproofing, these boots are the same as the regular SMX6 v2. That means you get a good amount of protection, including a solid TPU heel counter, a very sturdy toe section and toe sliders that add to the sporty vibe. The shin area is also highly reinforced, but this TPU armour does stick out quite a bit, which can restrict getting your pants over the boot. There’s also a biomechanical hinge that protects the ankle, but unlike more focused sport boots, this is only on the outer side of the boot.  

The inner side features the entry zipper, which is protected by a large flap that is secured in place by strong velcro. Getting in and out of the boots is easy and they are nicely comfortable for all-day use, including walking around. Another good thing is that they’re not squeaky like protective boots tend to be.

Shin armour is quite wide.

The SMX6 v2 will cost you about Rs 30,000 overseas, but the price goes much higher in India – if you can find someone selling them here. Go for the Gore-Tex version if waterproofing is important to you, but otherwise, the regular SMX6 remains a great option for sporty road use without sacrificing comfort.

Price: Rs 30,000 (before taxes and duties)


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