600hp Jeep Wagoneer S electric SUV revealed


Jeep has revealed its upcoming electric SUV, the Wagoneer S. Scheduled to globally launch later this year, it will sit on the brand-new STLA Large platform designed for EVs between 4.7 and 4.9 metres long. 

  1. To get a 19-speaker audio system 
  2. Fitted with a panoramic sunroof
  3. Claimed 0-97kph time of  around 3.5 seconds

Jeep Wagoneer S Interior design and features 

Interior images of the Wagoneer S reveal that it will have a total of four screens spread across the dashboard; a digital instruments screen located behind the steering wheel, a central infotainment screen, a screen for climate control and a passenger entertainment screen similar to the ones seen on the Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes Benz EQE SUV.

A point worth noting is the absence of physical buttons inside the SUV, save for the ones on the steering wheel, which houses a host of buttons for navigating the menus, media control and cruise control. While companies are bringing back physical buttons on the interior due to customer complaints, Jeep opts for a touchscreen-only approach. 

The rotary drive selector sits on the centre console along with the driving mode selector. The Wagoneer S will choose from 5 drive modes: snow, sand, eco, sport and auto. Also present is an auto-hold toggle switch and the system ignition button. The SUV gets Jeeps 4xe terrain management system. 

From the interior images, the Wagoneer S appears to be feature-rich with a host of features such as a 19-speaker McIntosh audio system, 360-deg camera, park assist, lane keep assist, heated and cooled seats, a heated steering wheel, customisable ambient lighting, a panoramic sunroof and even a massage function for the front seats. A button on the door hints at a power-assisted door, like in Rolls Royce models. 

Jeep Wagoneer S exterior and design

Design-wise, the electric SUV pays homage to the Wagoneer SUV with similar styling cues like the large muscular proportions, square wheel arches, and the iconic 7-slat grille, except that it’s illuminated in the case of the electric SUV. Since it’s an EV, the SUV could be equipped with a frunk for additional storage. The Wagoneer S also gets a full-width LED bar in the front and read. 

Powertrain and platform 

As mentioned before, the Jeep Wagoneer S is built on the brand's STLA Large platform which was recently revealed. The platform is designed as a BEV platform with the option of 400-volt and 800-volt electric architectures, however, the platform can also accommodate hybrid powertrains. The STLA Large platform can be configured for front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive layouts and a range of battery packs from 85 to 118 kWh. 

The company has not revealed any powertrain details yet but has stated that the EV SUV will get 600hp and go from 0-97kph in around 3.5 seconds. 

Jeep Compass EV 

While we have no confirmation on whether the Wagoneer S will come to India, we have news that Jeep India will launch an electric version of the Compass in 2026. It will be built on the STLA Medium platform with front-wheel drive, four-wheel drive layouts, and a claimed range of over 700km. 

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