When will the Royal Enfield Himalayan get tubeless spoked wheels in India?

Royal Enfield Himalayan price, colours, tubeless wire-spoke rims.

Will the new Royal Enfield Himalayan get tubeless wire spoke wheels in India? If so, when?

Karan, via email

Autocar India says: The new Royal Enfield Himalayan already comes equipped with tubeless wire-spoke wheels but currently these are limited to export units only. The issue here is that for the wheels to be made available in India, they need to come from a BIS-approved (Bureau of Indian Standards) supplier, and we understand that this certification process has not yet taken place. We are told that the process is currently ongoing, and once completed, the tubeless wire spoke wheels will be offered in India as well. Expect to see them in the coming months. What isn't clear yet, though, is whether they will be offered as standard fitment, or be limited to a higher variant, or be sold only as an accessory.

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