Kia Seltos CVT or Maruti Grand Vitara hybrid: which is ideal for the city?

Maruti Grand Vitara vs Kia Seltos

I've shortlisted the Kia Seltos to replace my 2016 Creta diesel MT, but I'm confused about whether I should go for diesel-automatic, turbo petrol-DCT or petrol-IVT; the latter being over Rs 3 lakh cheaper than the other two. My daily usage is around 25km within Mumbai city which includes bumper-to-bumper traffic. Should I opt for a Grand Vitara hybrid instead?

Rohit B, Mumbai

Autocar India says: Since your usage is primarily within the city, the Seltos IVT is the ideal choice. Sure, it might not be as exciting as the turbo-petrol iteration, but it is smooth and has more than enough pep to make quick progress, both in the city and out on the highway. Kia doesn't offer the Seltos petrol-IVT iteration in the top-spec trims, still the HTX variant (most expensive petrol IVT) packs in several feel-good features like LED lights, panoramic sunroof, touchscreen and more, which make it a compelling proposition.

The Grand Vitara hybrid, on the other hand, will be much more fuel-efficient. However, between the two, the Seltos is more spacious, has a better cabin ambience and quality, as well as a larger boot. Also, your limited usage doesn't warrant a hybrid, and you will have to cover several thousand kilometres before breaking even the initial premium you pay for a hybrid.

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