Classic or Bullet 350 – which Royal Enfield to buy?

Royal Enfield Classic price, Bullet 350 colours, design

I am confused in buying between the two bikes i.e. the Bullet 350 and the Classic 350. How do I decide between the two?

Prajwal Jadhav, Parbhani

Autocar India says: The Classic 350 and Bullet 350 are both the same motorcycle, for all practical purposes. They both have the same chassis and the same engine in the identical state of tune. The few differences come down to visual elements like the shape of the rear mudguard and the shape on the side boxes. The Classic has more rounded shapes while the Bullet gets a more squared off look in these areas. 

There are also some small differences in the riding position. The Bullet has a different one piece seat and a slightly taller handlebar. But that being said, both bikes have a very comfy, upright riding position. 

Choosing between the two comes down to which name means more to you and which colour pattern you like - the Classic has a greater choice of colours. However, if you simply want to spend the least amount of money, the Bullet is the way to go -  the entry level Bullet with single-channel ABS costs Rs 1.73 lakh while the entry level Classic with single channel ABS is priced at Rs 1.93 lakh.

All prices ex-showroom Chennai. 

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