Should you replace a BMW M340i with an M2?

BMW M2 vs M340i

I have a 2021 BMW M340i, and wanted to know if it makes sense to trade it in for the new BMW M2. How much of a difference does it have performance-wise?

Dhananjay Chitnis, Mumbai

Autocar India says: Quite honestly, the M340i is our favourite sports sedan for the sheer bang for the buck it offers, along with being a great daily driver. The M2 offers even more performance and is a lot more thrilling to drive, but it’s nowhere near as comfortable as the M340i, and is a bit high-strung in traffic. If you are looking for more performance, then the M2 gives you that, but it costs more and isn’t as comfortable or practical. Since your M340i is relatively new, we would advise that you hang on to it for a while and enjoy it for what it is!

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