Should I put a loud exhaust on Royal Enfield Classic 350?

Royal Enfield Classic 350 price, mileage, loud exhaust modification.

I am getting a Royal Enfield Classic 350 Signals edition in a few days. Today I took a test ride of the bike and everything was great but I didn't like the sound and thump of the bike because the bike has become very quiet now after the 2021 reborn launch. I was thinking of changing the silencer. Does changing the silencer of this bike with the new J series engine will have any effect on the bikes performance or the mileage and will it damage my engine? Thank you.

Aksh Dubey, Madhya Pradesh

Autocar India says: The new Classic 350 is certainly a quieter bike than the one it replaces and that is mostly down to the fact that it has to comply with stricter mandatory standards. Modern motorcycling standards worldwide (RE now sells globally and exports bikes to many countries) have not only become increasingly strict with emissions but also noise levels.

As for aftermarket exhausts, a well-designed one from a reputable garage/tuner should not cause harm to your engine, although it will probably result in a small drop in fuel efficiency. However, there are two other important points you need to consider. 

The first is that doing so could void your warranty and you will need to confirm this with your dealer. The second is that modified exhausts are considered illegal in some areas and police are increasingly clamping down on loud aftermarket exhausts across the country. If you are still interested in making this modification, try to find something that will be permitted in your area. 


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