Last Audi TT rolls of the production line in Hungary


The last Audi TT has rolled off the assembly line at the brand’s Gyor plant in Hungary. This marks the end of production of the two-door sportscar, of which 6,62,762 units have been made globally since February 18, 1998. In the over 25-year span, Audi has come out with three generations – the original model was previewed at the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show and went on sale in international markets in 1998 – a convertible body style (shown in concept form at the 1995 Tokyo Motor show), and more than a few facelifts, special editions and ‘final’ editions.

  1. Last TT produced is a 306hp TTS Coupe
  2. TT name derived from legendary Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man
  3. Third-gen TT Coupe was on sale in India from 2015-2019

The last TT model to be produced is a TTS Coupe – the one with the 306hp, 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine that used to propel the sportscar to 100kph in 4.5 seconds. Audi had announced the end of production of the TT in February 2023 and has yet to reveal if the nameplate will be brought back in the future. At the event to mark a quarter century of the TT being on sale, Audi said that the model’s name is reminiscent of the legendary Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man.

Unlike the Audi R8, which has been confirmed to get an all-electric successor, the TT may go the way of the dodo. If the brand is revived, it may not be back as a coupe or a roadster – Audi had previously showcased TT-based concepts in the form of the 2014 TT Sportback and the 2014 TT Offroad. Only time will tell if the sporty, yet chic TT does return.

Audi TT in India

Audi India had TT on sale in the country sporadically over the model’s lifetime. When the most recent third-gen pre-facelift coupe had been launched in April 2015, it was priced at Rs 60.34 lakh, ex-showroom, India. It was available in 45 TFSI form with a 230hp, 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine, a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and Audi’s quattro AWD tech.


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