Which is the best sports bike for Rs 10 lakh?

Kawasaki Ninja ZX4R price, power, design.

I ride a KTM RC390 and I want to upgrade to a bigger sports bike. I know naked bikes are more practical and there are also more choices in the naked bike segment, but for me, the look of a sports bike is too good to resist. I was planning to go in for the CBR650R as it was the only option at the price, but Honda is yet to bring it back in BS6 Phase II form. The Kawasaki ZX4R is an option, and I also read that the Kawasaki ZX6R will be returning soon too. I’m very confused!

Rajdeep Sinha, via email

Autocar India says: The ZX4R is a fascinating motorcycle because it will surely offer a completely unique experience. We haven’t ridden it yet, but we have seen it and the 4R is more compact and lighter than a typical big sports bike. Within the city, it will be easier to manage. Moreover, if you love the thrill of a high rpm inline four-cylinder engine, this will allow you to experience the sound and performance more often without going too fast. Nevertheless, even at Rs 8.5 lakh, you will have to live with the fact that it doesn’t have as much of a big bike look as the other two.

The ZX6R is the most powerful and easily the least practical of the three bikes you have listed. If you want maximum performance, especially at the racetrack, it is the obvious choice, although you will have to stretch your budget; we expect that it will be priced between Rs 11-12 lakh ex-showroom.

That leaves the Honda, and this is the one to go for if you are looking for a more practical bike with better comfort, without lacking sport bike levels of performance. The Honda will also have lower service costs and the CBR650R has traditionally held strong resale values. If those aspects appeal to you, we suggest waiting till Honda brings it back to India.

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