Royal Enfield Classic 650 spied again

Image credits: Charles Naveen.

Royal Enfield’s 650cc platform is set to expand exponentially in the next few years with a host of different models and we have spotted one of these bikes once again in the form of a Classic 650

  1. Has a very neutral, upright riding position
  2. Styling very similar to Classic 350
  3. Engine likely to have similar output as other 650s

The Classic 350 has always been a very sweet machine but its fairly low performance ceiling has been one of the very few chinks in its armour. With this new twin-cylinder Classic 650, that will no longer be a problem as this engine has proven to be able to hold triple-digit speeds with much more ease than the smaller 350cc single. 

The styling is very familiar and that's a very good thing because the Classic 350 has always been a very handsome machine with its swooping fenders, chromed-out peashooter pipes, signature pilot lamps and that regal hood over the headlight. Speaking of the headlight, on a previous occasion, we have seen the Classic 650 sporting an LED unit as opposed to the simple (but more authentic) halogen unit on the 350. 

The Classic 650 seems to be based on the Super Meteor’s chassis and not the Interceptor’s. You can see this in the way the chassis tube loops around the back of the side panels of the Classic 650, just like on the Super Meteor. Another component that seems to be shared between the two bikes is the rear suspension units. The Classic 350’s plush ride quality is one of the bike’s standout features and we hope Royal Enfield can continue that tradition on the larger model as well. 

The Royal Enfield Classic 650 test mule spotted here seems quite close to production-ready and one can expect it to sit between the Interceptor and the Super Meteor once it arrives. This should place it in the Rs 3.3 lakh to 3.7 lakh ballpark (ex-showroom).

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