Rajiv Sethu crowned 2023 INMRC champion

Sethu won the title in the headlining Pro-Stock 301-400cc category.

We finally have the champions for the 2023 Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship (INMRC), with the fifth and final round held at the Madras International Circuit. RACR’s Rajiv Sethu clinched the crown in the headlining Pro-Stock 301-400cc category, despite nursing a shoulder injury. Lani Zena Fernandez took the Girls’ title, while Kavin Quintal won this year’s Honda India Talent Cup in dominant fashion.

Pro-Stock 301-400cc

Sethu already held an unassailable lead of 85 points heading into the finale. Although he was still nursing an injured left shoulder, which he dislocated following a crash in the previous round, he ended up winning Race 1. The race itself was shorted from six to four laps following a red flag stoppage.

Though Sarthak Chavan (starting from P17) denied Sethu a ninth straight win in Race 2, a third place result was enough for him to win the title.


Race 1

1. Rajiv Sethu (RACR Castrol Power 1 Ultimate) - 7mins 33.050secs

2. Rahil Pillarisetty (KTM Gusto Racing) – 7mins 37.596secs

3. KY Ahamed (Petronas TVS Racing) – 7mins 38.116 secs

Race 2

1. Sarthak Chavan (Petronas TVS Racing) - 14mins 59.041secs

2. Rahil PIllarisetty (KTM Gusto Racing) – 14mins 59.566secs

3. Rajiv Sethu (RACR Castrol Power1 Ultimate) – 14mins 59.656secs

Pro-Stock 165cc Open

Sethu wrapped up the season with victory in the Pro-Stock 165cc category as well, after starting down in P10. Senthil Kumar won Race 1, making his way up from P8 on the grid after several big names like Mathana Kumar, KY Ahamed and Jagan Kumar dropped out of contention.

However, the championship standings in the category have still not been declared, pending a disputed result in the previous round.


Race 1

1. Senthil Kumar (LGE Racing) – 12mins 03.541secs

2. Ullas Santrupt Nanda (RACR Castrol Power1 Ultimate) – 12mins 14.513secs

3. Sarthak Chavan (Petronas TVS Racing) – 12mins 20.898secs

Race 2

1. Rajiv Sethu (RACR Castrol Power 1 Ultimate) – 9mins 55.075secs

2. Sarthak Chavan (Petronas TVS Racing) – 9mins 56.286secs

3. Chiranth Vishwanath (Petronas TVS Racing) – 9mins 57.533secs

Novice Stock 165cc

It was a strong round for Savion Sabu, who didn’t just score his first win in the category, but also took a clean sweep at the finale. But this didn’t stop Vignesh Goud from taking home the title.


Race 1

1. Savion Sabu (Axor Sparks Racing) – 12mins 56.047secs

2. Abdul Basim RS (Gulf Rockers Racing – 13mins 05.881secs

3. Manvith Reddy (RACR Castrol Power 1 Ultimate) – 13mins 06.284secs

Race 2

1. Savion Sabu (Axor Sparks Racing) – 12mins 56.237secs

2. Kaushik Subbiah Ganesan (AS Motorsports) – 12mins 56.400secs

3. Aadit Shah (Axor Sparks Racing) – 12mins 56.667secs

Girls Stock 165cc

Lani Zena Fernandez won the shortened Girls Stock 165cc race with ease to clinch the title. This was her fourth race win in nine starts.


Race 1

1. Lani Zena Fernandez (RACR Castrol Power1 Ultimate) – 6mins 40.083secs

2. Nadine Faith Balaji (Alpha Racing) – 6mins 54.558secs

3. Adlin Seles (Alpha Racing) – 7mins 00.642secs

TVS One-Make Championship

It was a close battle in the Open (Apache RR 310) category, with just seven points separating Chiranth Vishwanath and Alwin Sundar heading into the finale. Vishwanath emerged victorious in this battle, scoring two back-to-back wins to secure the title.

Nithila Das did not participate in the final round, but her three wins this season were enough for her to still be crowned champion. Nadine Faith Balaji, meanwhile, claimed her first race win.


Open (Apache RR 310) Race 1

1. Chiranth Vishwanath – 11mins 35.230secs

2. Senthilkumar C – 11mins 35.969secs

3. Romario John – 11mins 43.834secs

Open (Apache RR 310) Race 2

1. Chiranth Vishwanath – 11mins 39.641secs

2. Romario John – 11mins 40.117secs

3. G Balaji – 11mins 40.157secs

Girls (Apache RTR 300)

1. Nadine Faith Balaji – 11mins 16.072secs

2. Saimah Ajaz Baig – 11mins 17.910secs

3. Aisvariya V – 11mins 24.974secs

Honda India Talent Cup

Kavin Quintal capped off a dominant season with a clean sweep in the finale as well. The 18-year-old won was crowned champion, having won seven races from nine starts.


NSF 250R Race 1

1. Kavin Quintal – 11mins 17.416secs

2. Rakshath S Dave – 11mins 23.929secs

3. Vivek Rohit Kapadia – 11mins 26.456secs

NSF 250R Race 2

1. Kavin Quintal – 15mins 09.312secs

2. Johann Reeves Emmanuel – 15mins 14.912secs

3. Mohsin P – 15mins 14.974secs

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