Kia celebrates EV Day; unveils three models


At its first global EV Day event in Korea, Kia unveiled three new models – the production-spec EV5 SUV, which was revealed as a concept in China earlier this year, the radical EV4 EV sedan, and the EV3 SUV. 

According to Kia, the three models shown at the event will join its global EV line-up in future and will facilitate the brand to achieve an annual sales target of one million electric vehicles by 2026 and increase it to 1.6 million units per year by 2030. The brand has introduced the Kia EV6 in almost every major market and is now in the process of launching the EV9 flagship SUV. These will be gradually followed by the introduction of three models in production-spec that have been revealed at the event. 

  1. All 3 models are based on e-GMP modular platform
  2. EV3, EV4 shown as concepts; EV5 SUV in production-spec
  3. Kia EV9 India launch next year

Kia EV4 sedan concept previews future Tesla Model 3 rival 

The EV4 is a radically styled concept sedan with a slant-back look. It has a sharp-looking nose upfront with vertically positioned headlamps. It gets a prominent bumper up front with a large air intake and subtle dose of contrasting black elements. The four-door sedan does look a lot like the EV6 at first glance, but up close, it has many different design elements like a sharply angled nose and a roofline that tapers towards the back giving it a sporty look. It has a prominent shoulder line that starts at the aft of the rear door and merges into the rear wheel housing and further in vertically positioned tail-lamps. The rear styling sees a tall bumper and an integrated spoiler that with prominent Kia badging in the centre. 

The wheels seem to be big and get a triangular pattern, which is somewhat similar to the other Kia EVs like the EV6 and the EV9. 

The interior has a minimalistic design with very few buttons. The EV4 sedan also gets a new 'Mind Modes' feature that adjusts ambient lighting and animated ventilation patterns. There’s also a ‘Perform’ mode where the driver is presented with all the information they require to perform at their optimum. It comes with a ‘Serenity’ mode as well that offers a range of digital graphics to create a more relaxed ambience. 

Kia EV3 SUV likely to be EV replacement for Soul

The EV3 will be positioned as an entry-level born-EV SUV in Kia’s international line-up, at least for now. The two-row SUV has a lot of design similarities with the larger EV9 and the EV5 SUVs, packaged cleverly in a much smaller footprint. Kia says the EV3 SUV gets its new CMF design theme where CMF stands for Colours, Material and Finish. 

Its boxy looks have a mix of cuts and curves, including a steeply raked windscreen and a roofline that subtly tapers towards the back. It has muscular wheel arches and chunky alloy wheels. 

The interior follows the design direction laid by other Kia EVs and the minimalistic approach continues. Kia says there are quite a few sustainable materials used on the EV3’s interior. There are even some handcrafted bits on some interior panels which according to the brand, gives a 3D look to the SUV’s interior. 

Kia EV5 production-spec SUV

The EV5 SUV was shown in production-spec a few months ago in China. At the Kia EV Day, the SUV was showcased as a global product. Kia has confirmed that the EV5 will be built in China and also in Korea for the global markets.

The EV5 gets three variations: standard, long-range, and long-range AWD. The EV5 standard comes with a 64kWh battery pack and a 160kW motor, is expected to have a driving range of 530km per charge (CLTC). The long-range variant gets an 88kWh battery and the same 160kW motor with an expected range of around 720km per charge. The top-spec EV5 long-range AWD gets an 88kWh battery pack and a combined output of 230kW, with a front-wheel 160kW motor and a rear-wheel 70kW motor.  The expected range will be around 650km for this variant. 

Kia says the EV5 SUV will have different battery pack and range options depending on the market, including a performance-oriented GT variant that will join a little later. It gets a five-seat cabin with as many as three screens, each dedicated to infotainment, vehicle information and HVAC duty.  The seats get multiple textures and sustainable materials. They also feature multiple seating configurations and are heated and cooled. 

The EV5 SUV also gets ADAS tech with V2L and other features which are already seen on the EV9 and the EV6 sold in India. 

Kia EV line-up in India

Kia currently sells the EV6 in our market and has plans to introduce a mass-market EV by 2025. The Kia EV9 will be the brand’s next EV model for India, which is expected to go on sale next year.

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