Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid heavier than Versys 650

Ninja 7 HEV power, acceleration, weight, India launch details.

Just a few days ago, we brought you the news of Kawasaki’s innovative Ninja 7 Hybrid. But back then, we didn’t have the answer to the most pertinent question at the time: how much more does a hybrid bike weigh than a conventional ICE one?

  1. Ninja 7 HEV heavier than every Kawasaki 650, except Vulcan S
  2. Same fuel tank size as Ninja 400 – 14 litres

The Ninja 7 HEV weighs 227kg, which is a whopping 59kg more than the Ninja 400, the bike its displacement is closest to in Kawasaki’s line-up. Even the larger Ninja 650 weighs 31kg less than the Ninja 7 Hybrid, at 196 kg. Of course, this added weight is due to the Ninja 7 HEV carrying an extra electric motor and battery pack.

While the weight is a little on the heavier side, the 795mm seat height should help riders of most sizes plant their feet comfortably on the ground. And with its electric forward and reverse assists, it should be easy to move this bike around in tight spaces as well.

The bike gets twin 300mm disc brakes at the front and a larger-than-normal 250mm rear disc supplemented by dual-channel ABS, which should give the bike decent stopping power.

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