Hyundai Creta or Verna: which is the ideal upgrade from i20?

Hyundai Creta or Verna

I am looking to replace my 8-year-old Hyundai Elite i20 with either a Verna or a Creta. I occasionally drive but the vehicle is mostly chauffeur-driven. Which one should I go for? Do you think I should look at other brands as well?

Anand Bissa, Mumbai

Autocar India says: Buying a car isn't a regular affair, so it is recommended to check out all the options in the market within your budget before zeroing on a particular model. You seem to be more inclined towards Hyundai due to your past experience, and while the Verna is a good car, there is no harm test driving vehicles from other brands. It will give you a better perspective of the options.

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