Honda CB300R vs rivals: specifications compared

Honda CB300R vs rivals: specifications comparison.

With its recent price cut, the Honda CB300R is now priced at Rs 2.40 lakh and is also now OBD-2 compliant. Here, we’ll pit it against its closest rivals on paper. At the outset, we’ll mention that the KTM 390 Duke isn’t featured here as it is a much more powerful bike and its Rs 3.11 lakh price tag is much higher than the bikes here.

Honda CB300R vs rivals: engine, output

Engine & output
Honda CB300R Triumph Speed 400 TVS Apache RTR 310
Engine Liquid-cooled, 286cc, single-cyl Liquid-cooled, 398cc, single-cyl Liquid-cooled, 312cc, single-cyl
Power 31hp at 9,000rpm 40hp at 8,000rpm 35.6hp at 9,700 rpm (Sport, Track, Supermoto) / 27.1hp at 7,500rpm (Urban, Rain)
Power-to-weight ratio 212.33hp/tonne 227.27hp/tonne 210.65hp/tonne
Torque 27.5Nm at 7,500rpm 37.5Nm at 6,500rpm 28.7Nm at 6,650rpm (Sport, Track, Supermoto) / 27.3Nm at 6,600rpm (Urban, Rain)
Gearbox 6-speed 6-speed 6-speed

As is the case with nearly all small-capacity, single-cylinder engines, displacement dictates the peak output hierarchy and the Speed 400 is the most powerful bike here. The CB300R has the smallest engine and unsurprisingly it's the least powerful bike here. However, its power-to-weight ratio is higher than the more powerful TVS Apache RTR 310 and despite the displacement handicap the Honda makes just 1.2Nm less than the TVS.

Honda CB300R vs rivals: weight, dimensions

Weight & dimensions
Honda CB300R Triumph Speed 400 TVS Apache RTR 310
Kerb weight 146kg 176kg 169kg
Seat height 801mm 790mm 800mm
Wheelbase 1352mm 1377mm 1358mm
Fuel capacity 9.7 litres 13 litres 11 litres
Ground clearance 157mm 158mm 180mm

The CB’s real ace up its sleeve is its wee 146kg kerb weight, which is a whole 30kg lighter than the Speed 400, and its wheelbase is also the shortest in this trifecta. However, at 9.7 litres, the CB300R has the smallest fuel tank here, although the Apache’s unit isn’t much larger at 11 litres. The CB’s seat height is quite accessible at 801mm, but it is the Triumph’s 790mm perch that’s the lowest here. 

Honda CB300R vs rivals: suspension, brakes

Suspension & brakes
Honda CB300R Triumph Speed 400 TVS Apache RTR 310
Suspension (f) USD fork USD fork USD fork
Suspension (r) Monoshock Monoshock Monoshock
Brakes (f) 296mm disc 300mm disc 300mm disc
Brakes (r) 220mm disc 230mm disc 240mm disc
Tyres (f) 110/70-R17 110/70-R17 110/70-R17
Tyres (r) 150/60-R17 150/60-R17 150/60-R17

The cycle parts used here are quite similar for all and the greatest difference comes in the form of the tyres these bikes come shod with. The CB300R runs on MRF Revz tyres, while the Speed 400 comes with either MRF Steel Brace or Apollo Alpha H1s. The Apache RTR 310 is the only bike here to come with imported rubber in the form of the superb Michelin Pilot Road 5s. 

Honda CB300R vs rivals: features

When it comes to this area, the Apache RTR 310 has both the neo-retro roadsters licked. Even in its most basic guise, it comes with a simple traction control system, cruise control and dual-channel ABS, all of which are controlled via the TFT dash (the only bike here to get one). And if you opt to spend more on the Dynamic or Dynamic Pro kits you get access to features such as adjustable suspension, a bidirectional quickshifter, a heated and cooled seat (which is a world-first) as well as cornering cruise control.

However, all these fancy features come at a cost, and a fully-loaded Apache RTR 310 will cost well upwards of Rs 3 lakh, which puts it in the ballpark of the very capable KTM 390 Duke. To read about what we thought about these features in the real world, tap here.

The Speed 400 has a respectable feature-set including traction control and optional heated grips as well as a dedicated range of accessories. To read more about the accessories for the Speed 400, tap here.

In this company, the Honda CB300R is the most basic bike here with a negative LCD dash and the emergency brake light feature, which flashes the indicators in quick succession when you press hard on the brakes, like in a panic-braking scenario. 

Honda CB300R vs rivals: price

Honda CB300R Triumph Speed 400 TVS Apache RTR 310
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 2.40 lakh Rs 2.33 lakh Rs 2.43 lakh
At its new price, the CB300R is now Rs 37,000 more affordable and sits between the Triumph Speed 400 and the base TVS Apache RTR 310. With this more realistic price tag, the likeable CB300R is a genuine contender in the 300-400cc space. 


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