Buy the new Tata Harrier or go for the pre-facelift SUV with discounts

New Tata Harrier or go for the pre-facelift SUV ?

Q: I've finalised a Tata Harrier XTA+ Dark Edition (pre-facelift) and the dealer is giving me ready delivery along with a substantial discount. Does it make sense to go for the old version or should I stretch and go for the facelift?

Sachin, Pune

Autocar India says:  If you prefer the pre-facelift Harrier's aesthetics and are happy with the deal you've been offered, you could go ahead with your purchase. Do keep in mind that besides a fresher interior and exterior, the facelift Harrier also features an electric power steering which makes maneuvering this SUV a lot easier. Sure, you will have to pay more for the updated version and chances are there'll be no discounts either, but down the line, you could expect a stronger residual value, which could compensate for the premium you pay upfront. So do test drive the new version before finalising, it will make your purchase decision a lot simpler and clearer.

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