Renault Kiger EV spotted at Pravaig plant

Renault Kiger seen outside Pravaig facility. Pic: Autocar India.

Spy shots have emerged recently of an electric Renault Kiger testing in Bengaluru and while it would be safe to assume Renault have developed the electric SUV that does not seem to be the case.

Interestingly the Kiger EV was spotted emerging from home grown EV start-up Pravaig Dynamics facility in Bengaluru and our sources at Renault have also stated that the company has no plans afoot as far as an electric Kiger go. We also recently reported that the French firm is all set to announce its next investment phase in India and it will largely go towards bringing the CMF-B platform to India and the new generation Duster built on it.

The Kiger EV is thus very likely a Pravaig built project with two possibilities. For one it could be a proof-of-concept for Renault, who is using the Indian start-up as a consultant to get a fresh and different take on electrifying their SUV. It’s not rare for auto manufacturers to use outside engineering services to bypass massive corporate hierarchy in getting off-beat solutions in place and this could very well be the case with the Renault Kiger EV.

Kiger Glider

It is also possible that the electric Kiger is built by Pravaig who could launch it as their own EV using Kiger gliders (vehicles with no powertrain) This would be similar to the Jayem Auto – Tata Motors plan for an electric Nano wherein Tata Motors were to supply body shells and associated components while Jayem Automotive were source the electric powertrain and manufacture and market the electric Nano.

At the launch of its Defy SUV, Pravaig Dynamics stated that the company has its in house electric powetrain capability to build the battery, motor as well as the battery management system. The Defy’s body however – while an evolution over its Extinction concept car – showed that work needs to be done as far as bodywork execution and finish are concerned, thus using a ready body as a glider would undoubtedly give Pravaig a massive leg up.

In FY22 Renault India posted a net profit in almost half a decade but Renault as well as partners Nissan are still operating below their India plants capacity. Thus for Renault the supply of fully built cars, minus the powertrain, would be a welcome business case.

For now not much is known of the Kiger EV, but what we have seen so far is a blanked off front grille and a charging slot behind the front logo. Also missing is the gearlever inside.  

from Autocar India

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