Tyre upgrade for Honda Amaze: which size should you go for?

Honda Amaze front quarter.

I plan to upsize the tyre of my Honda Amaze i-DTEC diesel. The company fitted tyre size is 175/65-R15 Bridgestone Ecopia EP150, but there is a lot of road noise that filters into the cabin, and the ride quality is also not that good.

Can I upgrade the size to 185/65-R15 or 195/60-R15? Also, can I go in for tyres from Michelin or Yokohama? Price is not an issue.

Chirag, via email

Autocar India says: 185/65-R15 section tyres would be a touch too large for the Amaze and might foul with the suspension and wheel arches. You can safely fit the 185/60-R15s instead. Michelins and Goodyears would give you a softer ride whilst the Yokohama Earth 1 is comparatively stiffer.

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from Autocar India

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