MG Hector or Mahindra XUV700: which is the more comfortable SUV?

MG Hector front quarter

Between the MG Hector and the Mahindra XUV700, which is the better SUV? The car needs to have a comfortable ride as it is for my dad, who is 55-year-old.

Abhishek Patel, Ahmedabad

Autocar India says: If you are travelling in the city and largely chauffeur driven, the Hector is the one to go for. In fact, the Hector’s low speed ride is one of the best, and getting in and out is easy too because of the low step-in height. The XUV700 is more of a driver’s car and though the middle row is very spacious, it’s a higher step into the cabin with the ride being firmer than the MG. Hence, for your dad’s requirements, we feel the Hector is better.

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from Autocar India

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