Taigun vs XUV300 TurboSport: Which SUV is more comfortable and efficient?

Volkswagen Taigun front quarter

I’m looking to buy an SUV around the Rs 15 lakh range (top model preferred). My preference is a petrol engine which drives great, is comfortable for people who are tall and offers a 16-17kpl fuel economy. I have driven the Tata Nexon, which is not very exciting to drive, and not comfortable for someone my height – 6.1ft.

Then there’s the VW Taigun, which is expensive – almost Rs 18 lakh – although it is feature rich, has a modern cabin and is comfortable. The third option I test drove was the Mahindra XUV300 TurboSport. Its cabin feels a bit outdated, although it is comfortable with an engine that felt fun every time I pressed the accelerator. Its features list, however, is lesser than the rest of the cars in this range.

Sarthak Soni, via email

Autocar India says: We do understand that none of the cars you have shortlisted are perfect for you, but we would go with the VW Taigun because it comes closest to suiting your needs. The Taigun is the most spacious of the lot with a decent boot and enough headroom for six footers. Also, the Taigun has the best driving feel, and on the right road, will put a big smile on your face. As far as a fuel economy of 16-17kpl is concerned, none of these turbo-petrols will come close to giving you that. If you just about get double digit figures in the city, you should be happy.

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