Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 accessory list revealed

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 Grand Tourer

Royal Enfield has taken the veil off its much-anticipated cruiser, the Super Meteor 650, at EICMA 2022 in Italy. The motorcycle looks quite attractive, especially in the colourways it is available in. But, what if the standard Super Meteor 650 doesn’t cut it for you or you’d like your bike to stand out from the rest? Well, as has been the case with most recent Royal Enfields, the Super Meteor 650 will be available with a range of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories, or GMAs as the company calls them. Here’s the official list of accessories for the new Super Meteor 650 that one can choose from.

  • Super Meteor 650 gets Solo Tourer, Grand Tourer accessories kits

  • Accessories include a large windscreen, touring handlebar and more

The accessories kits are divided into two categories – Solo Tourer and Grand Tourer. As the name suggests, Solo Tourer is for the solo rider, which explains the single seat and a luggage rack over the rear fender. Other items in this pack include bar end mirrors, deluxe foot pegs (which are essentially larger than standard ones), machined wheels and LED indicators.


On the other hand, the Grand Tourer kit, as the name suggests, makes the bike a lot more touring-focused than the standard Super Meteor 650. Accessories in the Grand Touring kit include a touring handlebar, touring windscreen, deluxe foot pegs, and a touring dual seat. The dual seat is essentially a wider and more contoured seat that’s designed to offer more comfort than the standard one over long hours on the road. There’s a nifty backrest for the pillion as well. Other items on the list include LED indicators and neatly designed panniers to carry luggage around. 

In all, the official accessories seem to have been carefully selected to enhance the riding experience of the Super Meteor 650. Speaking of, we expect to ride the Super Meteor 650 in India soon after it is unveiled at the 2022 Royal Enfield Rider Mania in Goa this month.


from Autocar India

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