Matter Energy reveals geared electric motorcycle; 150 km claimed range

Matter Energy e-bike unveiled.

Matter Energy has unveiled its first electric bike and it has a number of firsts for an electric motorcycle, such as a 4-speed gearbox and even ABS. The bike packs in a liquid-cooled, 5.0 kWh battery (larger than both the Tork Kratos R and the Oben Rorr) and Matter Energy claims this endows it with a range of 125-150 kms. This range figure is ARAI certified, which means the real-world numbers will be slightly lower.

  • First electric bike to have a liquid-cooled battery, gearbox, ABS

  • Keyless operation, 7.0-inch touch-compatible LCD display

  • Bike will have 3 variants, deliveries commence April 2023

Matter Energy electric bike: battery, motor and powertrain details

The Matter Energy electric bike has a claimed range of 125-150 kms, thanks to its IP67-rated liquid-cooled, 5.0 kWh battery, which can be topped up even when plugged into a regular 5A household socket. Full charge will take about 5 hours, claim Matter. The motor on the Matter energy e-bike is rated for 10.5 kW and a claimed 520 Nm of torque at the rear wheel, a rather lofty number which we’re keen to test out in the real world. It has three riding modes-although the names haven’t been revealed yet. 

What is of real interest here is that this is the first Indian electric bike to have a conventional gearbox, a 4-speed unit. Another first for an electric bike is the presence of dual-channel ABS. 

Matter Energy electric bike: features

The Matter electric bike is a feature-packed machine with a 7.0-inch touch-compatible LCD display featuring turn-by-turn navigation, notification alerts and music playback, all controlled via buttons on the handlebar-mounted switchgear. The software on the bike will also be able to receive OTA (Over The Air) updates to periodically receive the latest features. 

The Matter e-bike features keyless operation and comes with a key fob, similiar to the Chetak e-scooter. The Matter e-bike has an onboard charger and it even has a small 5 litre glovebox on the ‘tank’, which features a charging socket. The proprietary app that the bike will be compatible with will allow the user to access a whole host of information such as theft-detection, charging percentage and ride stats. As is commonplace with EVs, the Matter Energy electric bike will have park assist (reverse functionality). 

Matter Energy electric bike: design and variants

The Matter Energy electric bike’s design is very akin to a traditional naked streetfighter with an angular, mass-forward ethos. Lighting is LED all-around and it even gets auto-cancelling indicators. It has split seats, raised clip-on handlebars and a split grab rail for the pillion. The bike has 4 colours to choose from-grey and neon, blue and gold, black and gold and red/black/white. 

Matter Energy electric bike: India launch, pricing

Matter Energy has announced bookings for its debut product will open in the first quarter of 2023 which is when the prices will also be announced. Deliveries are scheduled to commence in April 2023. The electric bike will be offered in three variants and will be launched at the Auto Expo. As of now, the name of the bike and its pricing are under wraps. Watch this space as more information trickles in. 

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