Amazon to use TVS e-scooters for delivery

Amazon and TVS Motor Company have inked a deal that will see electric two- and three-wheelers manufactured by TVS inducted into Amazon's delivery fleet. The electric two-wheeler in question will be the iQube electric scooter, and this is an interesting choice, since it doesn't feature removable batteries that can be quickly swapped out.

Moreover, only the range-topping ST variant of the iQube offers a fast charging option (1.5kW), and this version hasn't yet been officially launched. The mid-level S variant which is currently on sale is compatible with 650W and 950W portable chargers, which promise charging times of 4.5 hours and 3 hours, respectively. This would translate into a sizeable amount of downtime in a last-mile delivery application. In addition to delivery applications, the two companies will also examine EV use cases for various Amazon business groups for its network and logistical requirements.

This agreement is a step towards Amazon India's plan to induct 10,000 EVs into its fleet by 2025, and also part of a larger global plan for Amazon to deploy 100,000 EVs worldwide by 2030.

from Autocar India
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