Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crysta prices hiked by up to Rs 77,000

2022 Toyota Innova Crysta front quarter.

Toyota India has hiked the prices for its popular Fortuner SUV and the Innova Crysta MPV this month. Additionally, it has also introduced a price hike on the Camry Hybrid and the Vellfire MPV. Like most automakers, the Japanese manufacturer is expected to have revised the prices of its vehicles to counter increasing input costs.

  • Fortuner prices increased by Rs 77,000
  • Innova Crysta prices hiked by Rs 23,000
  • Top-spec Fortuner now costs Rs 50.34 lakh (ex-showroom)

2022 Toyota Fortuner: price hike

First launched in January 2021, the Toyota Fortuner facelift's prices ranged between Rs 29.98 lakh-37.43 lakh. The brand had also launched a new Legender variant at the same time, which was priced at Rs 37.58 lakh. In October 2021, the brand launched the Legender 4WD at Rs 42.33 lakh and in May 2022, another variant of the Fortuner was launched – the top-spec GR Sport at Rs 48.43 lakh.

With the latest price hike, the standard Fortuner in petrol and diesel guises with manual and automatic transmissions – now costs Rs 19,000 more, while the prices of 4WD versions have been increased by Rs 39,000. Lastly, the prices of the Legender and GR Sport versions of the SUV have been hiked by Rs 77,000.

Since the launch of the Fortuner facelift, the SUV's prices have gone up by Rs 2.61 lakh.

Here's a look at the Fortuner's pricing when compared to its last price hike which it received back in July of this year.

2022 Toyota Fortuner prices (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Variant New price Old price Difference
2.7L 4X2 MT (petrol) Rs 32.59 lakh Rs 32.40 lakh Rs 19,000
2.7L 4X2 AT (petrol) Rs 34.18 lakh Rs 33.99 lakh Rs 19,000
2.8L 4X2 MT (diesel) Rs 35.09 lakh Rs 34.90 lakh Rs 19,000
2.8L 4X2 AT (diesel) Rs 37.37 lakh Rs 37.18 lakh Rs 19,000
2.8L 4X4 MT (diesel) Rs 38.93 lakh Rs 38.54 lakh Rs 39,000
2.8L 4X4 AT (diesel) Rs 41.22 lakh Rs 40.83 lakh Rs 39,000
Legender 4X2 AT (diesel) Rs 42.82 lakh Rs 42.05 lakh Rs 77,000
Legender 4X4 AT (diesel) Rs 46.54 lakh Rs 45.77 lakh Rs 77,000
GR Sport 4X4 AT (diesel) Rs 50.34 lakh Rs 49.57 lakh Rs 77,000

Post the price hike, the entry-level versions of the Fortuner now cost Rs 2.69 lakh more, Rs 4.90 lakh less and Rs 60,000 more than the entry level versions of the Jeep Meridian, the Skoda Kodiaq and MG Gloster, respectively.

2022 Toyota Innova Crysta: price hike

The Innova Crysta facelift was originally launched in 2020 and priced between Rs 16.26 lakh-24.33 lakh. Compared to July 2022, Toyota has hiked the prices of the entry-level and mid-range variants of the petrol-powered, 7- and 8-seater manual variants of the MPV by Rs 23,000.

2022 Toyota Innova Crysta petrol prices (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Variant New price Old price Difference
2.7 GX(-) MT (7-seater) Rs 17.68 lakh Rs 17.45 lakh Rs 23,000
2.7 GX(-) MT (8-seater) Rs 17.73 lakh Rs 17.50 lakh Rs 23,000
2.7 GX MT (7-seater) Rs 18.09 lakh Rs 17.86 lakh Rs 23,000
2.7 GX MT (8-seater) Rs 18.14 lakh Rs 17.91 lakh Rs 23,000
2.7 GX AT (7-seater) Rs 19.02 lakh Rs 19.02 lakh -
2.7 GX AT (8-seater) Rs 19.07 lakh Rs 19.07 lakh -
2.7 VX MT (7-seater) Rs 20.95 lakh Rs 20.95 lakh -
2.7 ZX AT (7-seater) Rs 23.83 lakh Rs 23.83 lakh -

Meanwhile, a uniform hike of Rs 23,000 has been introduced on the diesel-powered, 7- and 8-seater manual and automatic versions of the MPV. Overall, the new Innova Crysta now starts at Rs 17.68 lakh, going all the way up to Rs 26.77 lakh. While Toyota has hiked the prices of the Innova diesel, it is important to know that it is currently not accepting any bookings for it.

2022 Toyota Innova Crysta diesel prices (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Variant New price Old price Difference
2.4 G MT (7-seater) Rs 19.13 lakh Rs 18.90 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 G MT (8-seater) Rs 19.18 lakh Rs 18.95 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 G+ MT (7-seater) Rs 20.05 lakh Rs 19.82 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 G+ MT (8-seater) Rs 20.10 lakh Rs 19.87 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 GX MT (7-seater) Rs 20.17 lakh Rs 19.94 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 GX MT (8-seater) Rs 20.22 lakh Rs 19.99 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 GX AT (7-seater) Rs 21.87 lakh Rs 21.64 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 GX AT (8-seater) Rs 21.92 lakh Rs 21.69 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 VX MT (7-seater) Rs 23.34 lakh Rs 23.11 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 VX MT (8-seater) Rs 23.39 lakh Rs 23.16 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 ZX MT (7-seater) Rs 24.98 lakh Rs 24.75 lakh Rs 23,000
2.4 VX AT (7-seater) Rs 26.77 lakh Rs 26.54 lakh Rs 23,000

2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid, Vellfire: price hike

Toyota offers both Camry Hybrid sedan and the Vellfire luxury MPV in a single, fully-loaded trim with the former getting a facelift in January of this year. Toyota has hiked the prices of the Vellfire by Rs 1.85 lakh and it now starts at Rs 94.45 lakh, whereas the Camry Hybrid facelift gets a hike of Rs 90,000, now starting at Rs 45.25 lakh.

2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid, Vellfire prices
Model New price Old price Difference
Camry Hybrid facelift Rs 45.25 lakh Rs 44.35 lakh Rs 90,000
Vellfire Rs 94.45 lakh Rs 92.60 lakh Rs 1.85 lakh

Disclaimer: All prices, ex-showroom, India.

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