Ola S1 Pro gets MoveOS 2 update, cruise control now available

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Launched in August 2021, the Ola S1 Pro promised many features on paper such as onboard navigation, hill-hold assist, cruise control, as well as music playback control. None of these were available at the time, but now the MoveOS 2 OTA (Over The Air) update aims to bring some of those to the fray. Ola also says that the update will fix the range drop and battery discharge issues on the Ola S1 Pro.

  • Cruise control works between 20 to 80kph

  • Music playback feature introduced 

  • Turn-by-turn navigation, live route tracking available

MoveOS 2 OTA update: new features list

1. Cruise Control

Cruise control is a feature usually only seen at the upper echelon of the bike spectrum. Ola claims that it will work at any speed between 20 to 80 kph in all riding modes, except for Eco. 

2. Eco Mode

The all-new Eco Mode, according to claims made by Ola, should be good for a real-world range of 165km. In addition to that, Ola claims some customers have even exceeded the 200km mark riding around in Eco Mode.  

3. Navigation 

Ola has now introduced turn-by-turn navigation and live route updates powered by MapMyIndia. In some cases, a hardware upgrade might be needed to affix the GPS antenna. Ola has said the customers can “initiate a voluntary update request to resolve the concern”.

4. Music Playback

This feature allows customers to pair their smartphones via Bluetooth and listen to the songs while on the go or even while the scooter is stationary. 

5. Companion App

Ola Electric announced the introduction of their Companion App, bringing with it a whole raft of features. The boot of the scooter can be locked or unlocked with the touch of a button on the app. Along with that you also get real-time telemetric data, such as battery status, range across different modes, odometer readout, as well as the software version your scooter is currently using.

While all these updates are a welcome addition to the S1 Pro and help it deliver on at least some of the features it promised, there remain some that are yet to be delivered. These include hill-hold assist, proximity unlock, voice assist functionality, and the ‘Moods’ functionality.

This OTA update, which was originally set to come out in April 2022, will be rolled out in a phased manner. We have the software update installed on our long-term test scooter and will share how it performs in an upcoming long-term review.

Would you purchase an Ola scooter after all these updates? Let us know in the comments section below.

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