Mahindra Atom EV battery capacity, variants revealed

Mahindra Atom front quarter

Mahindra first showcased the all-electric Atom quadricycle concept at the 2018 Auto Expo, and then in near-production form at the 2020 Auto Expo. It was originally supposed to go on sale in 2020, but its production and launch plans were delayed due to the pandemic.

Apart from a couple of camouflaged sightings, not much has been heard about the Atom quadricycle since then. And while Mahindra has been discreet about the Atom’s technical specifications so far, we now have details on the variants and battery size of the Atom.

  • Atom gets four variants and two battery sizes
  • Likely to go on sale in the near future

Mahindra Atom: what's new?

We have learnt that the Mahindra Atom will be available in four variants – K1, K2, K3, and K4 – where the former two are powered by a 7.4kWh battery pack while the latter two are powered by a larger 11.1kWh battery pack. The K1 and K3 are base variants of their respective battery capacities and lose out on an air-conditioning system, which the K2 and K4 variants come equipped with. Peak power output for the quadricycle is rated at 11hp.

In terms of dimensions, the Atom measures 2,728mm in length, 1,452mm in width, 1,576mm in height and has a wheelbase of 1,885mm. The Atom is thus sized similarly to the petrol and CNG powered Bajaj Qute, which is also its primary rival.

Mahindra Atom: what exactly is it?

The Atom is essentially a two-door, four-seater vehicle that will primarily be aimed at the fleet segment for first- and last-mile connectivity. Mahindra says that the Atom is India’s first all-electric quadricycle. Based on a monocoque chassis, the Atom has a boxy and upright design with its wheels pushed to the corners, giving it very short overhangs. It also gets a large glasshouse that adds to the sense of space inside. 

On the inside, the Atom comes with a single seat at the front for the driver and a bench seat at the rear that can seat up to three passengers. It even comes well equipped for a quadricycle, with higher-spec variants getting air-conditioning, a mobile docking station, and 4G capability with connected technology. It can even be equipped with a rear entertainment screen.

That said, details on the Atom's range are yet to be known. When it goes on sale, the Atom will be a very unique vehicle, as currently there’s nothing similar to it that exists in India. It will combine the practicality of a three-wheeler and still have the conveniences and safety of a four-wheeler.

How much would you pay for an electric vehicle like the Atom? Let us know in the comments section. 

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