Increase Your Sales Managers Productivity By 25 Free Tips - Part:1

Increase Your Sales Managers Productivity By Free 25 Tips

The Indian automobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. The companies are gearing up to meet the demand and wants of consumers. The automotive industry consists of a number of stakeholders, suppliers, manufacturers, dealers and consumers.

India is the world's fourth largest auto market, and it has a growth rate of nearly 15% per year. This means that there is tremendous opportunity for India's auto makers to grow

Sales managers have a lot on their plate. They are responsible for overseeing the sales team, setting sales goals and quotas, creating reports, and analyzing data. This can be a lot to juggle, but with the right tips in place, sales managers can be more productive.

Check out 8 tips out of these 25 tips or check lists to help your Sales Manager's productivity

If you have a new role as a dealership sales manager, then you know the challenges that you will face. The dealership will depend on you to build, cultivate and manage the sales team. Here’s a look at the tactics and strategies that can help you get the most out of your sales team.

What is the role of a dealership sales manager?

Motivate the team – Get them hyped up to close more customers.

Hold team members accountable – Identity when sales associates are falling behind and find out how to get them up to speed.

Train the team – Make sure that the team has the latest insights on the market and sales tactics.

Close deals – Show your sales associates how to close deals and prevent customers from walking out the door over a few hundred dollars on the sticker price.

Manage leads – Be able to send the right leads to the right sales associates.

Hire sales team – Make sure you are able to identify the people who have the right potential to be great sales associates.

Set goals – Make sure that your sales associates have goals each month to keep them motivated.

1. Motivate the team

In order to achieve success as a team, you need to be motivated. This can be done in a number of ways, but it’s important that the motivation comes from within the team and not externally.

Some teams are motivated by goals, others by competition. Some are motivated by recognition, while others are driven by a sense of responsibility. There are many different things that can motivate a team, but it’s important to find out what works best for your team and to ensure that each individual

The first role of the dealership sales manager is to motivate the team to hit their sales goals. Now, that doesn’t mean that the sales manager simply focuses on getting the prospect to sign on the dotted line. The dealership sales manager needs to get the team to find leads, follow-up on those leads, and get the most profit from each sale. Every day, the dealership sales manager should be motivating the team to be as productive as possible.

2. Hold team members accountable

Good teams are held accountable. This doesn’t mean berating or belittling team members when they make mistakes, but rather having an honest and open dialogue with them about their progress (or lack thereof). When team members know that they are being watched and that their performance matters, they tend to take their work more seriously. Leaders can hold team members accountable in a number of ways, such as by setting goals for them, tracking their progress, and providing feedback.

The sales team needs to be held accountable for all of their actions. If a salesperson is unable to follow-up with a lead-in time, the dealership manager should correct this mistake. One of the ways that a dealership manager can hold the team accountable is to have an organized system that tracks all the leads and the productivity of each team member. This will help the dealership sales manager who needs extra motivation to reach his goals.

3. Train the team

One of the most important things a sales manager can do is train the team. Done correctly, training will help employees reach their individual goals as well as the organization’s objectives. It can also increase employee productivity and improve morale. The best way to train employees is to first assess their current skills and knowledge. Then, develop a training program that meets their needs. Finally, provide ongoing support and feedback.

Next, the dealership sales manager should be constantly training the team on everything from news sales tactics to new ways to generate leads. Also, the dealership sales manager will need to keep the sales team on top of the new vehicles that will be coming into the dealership. Finally, the dealership sales manager will need to show the team how to up sell and cross-sell in order to maximize profits.

4. Close deals

Closing is one of the most important corridor of being a deals associate. A dealership deals director should have ample experience in closing all types of prospects. With this knowledge, the dealership deals director will be suitable to inform and inspire members of the deals platoon to close further deals and ameliorate the dealership’s conversion rates. 

Close deals by sales manager is a skill that is essential for any salesperson. The key to close deals is to know how to negotiate and how to sell. By understanding how to close deals, sales managers can increase the chances of closing more sales and achieving their sales goals.

There are a few key tips for closing deals by sales manager: 

Know your numbers. Before any negotiation, it is important to have a good understanding of what you are selling and what the other party is looking for. This will help you to better negotiate and to know when to back down.

Close deals by sales manager is essential for success in any sales environment. By keeping the sales process focused on the customer, sales managers can increase the chances of reaching a successful conclusion.

Close deals by sales manager begins with understanding the customer. In order to understand the customer’s needs and wants, sales managers must be observant and ask probing questions. It is also important to learn as much as possible about the customer’s background, current situation and future plans.

Once the customer is understood, sales managers should focus on building a relationship with the customer. This relationship should be based on trust and mutual respect. The goal of this relationship is to build trust so that the customer is more likely to open up and let the sales manager know what he or she needs.

Once the relationship is established, sales managers should focus on selling the customer on the benefits of the product or service. This should be done in a manner that is both persuasive

5. Dealership sales manager organizes the schedules

Dealership sales manager is responsible for organizing the dealership's sales schedules. The sales manager may need to decide which cars to sell, when to sell them, and where to sell them. The sales manager may also need to coordinate with other departments within the dealership, such as advertising and marketing.

The dealership sales manager will be responsible for setting the schedule of all the members of the sales team. A good dealership sales manager should know when to have certain sales team members work certain shifts. Over time, the dealership sales manager should refine the schedule to ensure that the best salespeople are working during times with high foot traffic.

6. Managing Leads

There are a number of strategies that a sales manager can use to manage leads. One common approach is to use lead scoring systems. This helps the sales manager identify which leads are the most valuable and should be given the most attention.

Another approach is to use a lead nurturing system. This system helps the sales manager keep in touch with the leads and determine when they are ready to be contacted again. The goal of this system is to keep the leads interested in the product and the company, and to increase the chances that they will purchase a product from the company.

A final approach is to use a lead conversion system. This system helps the sales manager track

The dealership’s leads are going to be the golden tickets that will get you sales. The dealership sales manager needs to carefully distribute these leads to the right salesperson. For instance, a salesperson who is good at selling trucks should get the lead for people looking at trucks. The top salesperson should get the leads that are most likely to lead to high margin sales.

7. Hiring a Sales Team

There are a few essential elements to a successful sales team. The sales manager must be able to identify and assess the skills and abilities of potential salespeople, match them with the right opportunity, and provide the necessary training and support.

A sales team should be comprised of individuals who are motivated to achieve success and are able to work as a team. A sales manager should be able to develop a culture of accountability and cooperation among the team members.

When looking to hire a sales team, the manager should consider the following factors:

Dealerships have one of the highest turnover rates when it comes to the sales team. Therefore, the dealership sales manager has to be able to know how to quickly find the right person to join the team. Finding the right person is a skill that may take some time for a dealership sales manager to Acquire.

This means that choosing the best portal to place your job ad is strategically important.

Over time, a top dealership sales manager will be able to find the right candidate who is most likely to convert more leads and expand margins from each sale.

When you interview a candidate, there are a number of things that you want to look for in a candidate. Here are four things to gauge during the interview:

Cultural fit – Every dealership has its own culture according to the type of vehicles that are offered. Therefore, you want to make sure that the candidate is the right fit for the dealership. For instance, if you work at a Cadillac dealership, you want someone who is comfortable talking with professionals and CEO customers. If you work at a Jeep dealership, you will want to hire someone who is comfortable talking to people into outdoor adventures.

Ambition – All candidates should have some sort of ambition. The candidate should not approach a sales position as just a 9 to 6 to make a regular paycheck. The candidate should be motivated to make as many sales as possible.

Engagement – Notice how the candidate talks and listens during the interview. Does the person maintain eye contact? Does the candidate seem engaged to everything that you are saying? Also, see if the candidate has a confident posture and is well dressed.

Persistence – The candidate should have some persistence and appear to seriously want the job. Check to see if the candidate follows up with you, sends a personalized letter, and demonstrates the potential to be a great salesperson.

Finding the right person is a skill that may take some time master.

8. As a dealership sales manager you set goals

As a dealership sales manager, one of your main goals is to ensure that your sales team is reaching their sales goals. There are a few different ways that you can accomplish this. 

One way is to create individualized sales goals for each member of your sales team. This will help them to understand what they need to do in order to meet their individual targets. Additionally, you can also set sales objectives for your dealership as a whole. This will help you to measure how successful your team is overall. 

Another way that you can help your sales team meet their goals is to provide them with training.

Finally, a top dealership sales manager should be able to set the right goals for each sales team member. An individual goal should be set for each team member. Also, there should be an overall goal for the sales team. These goals should strive to provide for the continuous improvement of the sales team’s performance.

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