Hyundai SUV prices hiked by up to Rs 22,000

Hyundai, like most other carmakers at the start of the new year, has increased the price of its vehicles across its portfolio. This includes its three popular SUVs – the Venue, Creta and the Alcazar. This price hike is likely to have come on account of increased input and operational costs.

  • Diesel versions of the Venue now cost more by up to Rs 4,100
  • Creta prices have been increased by Rs 7,000 across all variants
  • The Alcazar sees a hike by up to Rs 22,000

Hyundai Venue: price hike

The base price of the Venue E 1.2-litre petrol-manual has remained unchanged at Rs 6.99 lakh, although prices of all other petrol variants have been hiked by Rs 2,100. This includes both the 1.2-litre and 1.0-litre turbo-petrol variants. Meanwhile, diesel versions of the Venue have witnessed a hike in price of Rs 4,100, except for the second-from-base diesel SX trim.

Hyundai Venue price (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Trim Price January 2022 Price December 2021 Difference
1.2P E Rs 6,99,200 Rs 6,99,200 0
1.2P S Rs 7,79,100 Rs 7,77,000 Rs 2,100
1.2P S+ Rs 8,66,800 Rs 8,64,700 Rs 2,100
1.0P S(O) iMt Rs 9,12,760 Rs 9,10,660 Rs 2,100
1.0P S(O) DCT Rs 10,03,300 Rs 10,01,200 Rs 2,100
1.0P SX MT Rs 10,09,100 Rs 10,07,000 Rs 2,100
1.0P SX iMT Rs 10,09,100 Rs 10,07,000 Rs 2,100
1.0P SX(O) iMT Rs 11,37,800 Rs 11,35,700 Rs 2,100
1.P SX+ DCT Rs 11,70,300 Rs 11,68,200 Rs 2,100
1.5D S(O) Rs 9,56,100 Rs 9,52,000 Rs 4,100
1.5D SX Rs 9,99,999 Rs 9,99,999 0
1.5D SX(O) Executive Rs 11,08,100 Rs 11,04,000 Rs 4,100
1.5D SX(O) Rs 11,71,600 Rs 11,67,500 Rs 4,100

Hyundai Creta: price hike

The Creta sees a more uniform increase in its price. All petrol and diesel versions of the Creta are now dearer by Rs 7,000 compared to what they were last month. The top-end Creta 1.4-litre petrol-DCT is now priced at Rs 17.94 lakh, while the diesel-AT version tops out at Rs 17.85 lakh.

Hyundai Creta price (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Trims Price January 2022 Price December 2021 Difference
1.5P MT E Rs 10.23 lakh Rs 10.16 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5P MT EX Rs 11.19 lakh Rs 11.12 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5P MT S Rs 12.42 lakh Rs 12.35 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5P MT SX Executive Rs 13.41 lakh Rs 13.34 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5P MT SX Rs 14.20 lakh Rs 14.13 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5P iVT SX Rs 15.68 lakh Rs 15.61 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5P iVT SX(O) Rs 16.89 lakh Rs 16.82 lakh Rs 7,000
1.4P DCT SX Rs 16.90 lakh Rs 16.83 lakh Rs 7,000
1.4P DCT SX(O) Rs 17.94 lakh Rs 17.87 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5D MT E Rs 10.70 lakh Rs 10.63 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5D MT EX Rs 12.10 lakh Rs 12.03 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5D MT S Rs 13.38 lakh Rs 13.31 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5D MT SX Executive Rs 14.37 lakh Rs 14.30 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5D MT SX Rs 15.16 lakh Rs 15.09 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5D AT SX Rs 16.64 lakh Rs 16.57 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5D MT SX(O) Rs 16.44 lakh Rs 16.37 lakh Rs 7,000
1.5D AT SX(O) Rs 17.85 lakh Rs 17.78 lakh Rs 7,000

Hyundai Alcazar: price hike

The petrol versions of the Alcazar see a maximum price increase of up Rs 14,000, while the base diesel variant sees the highest bump by Rs 22,000. Meanwhile, the Platinum and Signature AT 6-seater variants remain unaffected. It’s also worth noting that post revising rates, the 6- and 7-seater versions of the Alcazar cost the same.

Hyundai Alcazar price (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Trim Price January 2022 Price December 2021 Difference
2.0P Prestige MT 7S Rs 16.34 lakh Rs 16.30 lakh Rs 4,000
2.0P Platinum MT 7S Rs 18.29 lakh Rs 18.22 lakh Rs 7,000
2.0P Signature MT 6S Rs 18.73 lakh Rs 18.70 lakh Rs 3,000
2.0P Platinum (O) AT 6S Rs 19.55 lakh Rs 19.55 lakh 0
2.0P Platinum (O) AT 7S Rs 19.55 lakh Rs 19.41 lakh Rs 14,000
2.0P Signature (O) AT 6S Rs 19.84 lakh Rs 19.84 lakh 0
2.0P Signature (O) AT 6S Rs 19.84 lakh Rs 19.70 lakh Rs 14,000
1.5D Prestige MT 7S Rs 16.75 lakh Rs 16.53 lakh Rs 22,000
1.5D Prestige (O) AT 7S Rs 18.22 lakh Rs 18.01 lakh Rs 21,000
1.5D Platinum MT 7S Rs 18.66 lakh Rs 18.45 lakh Rs 21,000
1.5D Signature MT 6S Rs 19.14 lakh Rs 18.93 lakh Rs 21,000
1.5D Platinum (O) AT 6S Rs 19.78 lakh Rs 19.78 lakh 0
1.5D Platinum (O) AT 7S Rs 19.78 lakh Rs 19.63 lakh Rs 15,000
1.5D Signature (O) AT 6S Rs 19.99 lakh Rs 19.99 lakh 0
1.5D Signature (O) AT 7S Rs 19.99 lakh Rs 19.84 lakh Rs 15,000

Price hike: Other Hyundai models

Hyundai’s line-up of hatchbacks has also received a similar price hike. The i20, including the N-Line, is now dearer by up to Rs 6,800, while the Grand i10 Nios costs by up to Rs 7,300 more. The Santro sees a price jump between Rs 10,000-Rs 17,400, depending on the variant. The Aura and Verna sedans are also now more expensive by up to Rs 7,300 and Rs 4,000 respectively.

Interestingly, Hyundai has left the Tucson, the Elantra and Kona Electric out of the purview of this price hike. That’s likely because these models are at the end of their life cycles, due for either replacements or facelifts sometime in the future.

Hyundai Venue, Creta: soon due a facelift

Both the Hyundai Venue and Creta are expected to get a facelift in India this year. The Creta facelift has already been revealed globally and is expected to come to India in the latter half of 2022. Hyundai has adopted a fresh styling approach for the Creta that’s inspired by the new-gen Tucson available globally. It could also see some addition of new features over the current model in India.

As for the Venue, camouflaged test mules of the facelifted model have been spied testing abroad. Like the Creta, the updated Venue also adopts a similar styling approach as the new-gen Tucson, and could possibly also see the introduction of a new N-Line variant to the line-up. The Venue facelift is also expected to launch in India later this year.

All prices ex-showroom, Delhi

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