Rynox H2Go waterproof socks review


Riding a motorcycle in the rain may be a great experience for some and to be honest I don’t mind it too. That’s until it begins pouring like cats and dogs and I’m left soaked to the bones. Especially when it comes to my feet. Spending the entire day with that miserable, soggy feeling in the boots gets quite irritating. The ideal solution would be to invest in waterproof Gore Tex boots, but I think I’ve found a much more cost-effective way to deal with the problem – the Rynox H2Go waterproof socks.

These socks have been built to keep one’s feet dry, whether it involves riding in the rain or crossing rivers or streams on that odd Ladakh adventure. And in my experience under both the aforementioned conditions, the H2Go has performed remarkably well. Let me elaborate. 

Pull the socks out of the packaging and you’ll notice their knee length size and heft, by normal cotton sock standards, to be clear. That’s because of the socks’ triple layer construction. The outer layer is made up of a blend of Polyester, Nylon and Spandex that makes for a four-way stretchable sock and a snug fit. The inner layer consists of Coolmax fibres that help in moisture wicking. Sandwiched between these two layers is the ‘Drycore’ waterproof hydrophobic polyurethane membrane – the magic bit that keeps water at bay.

Drycore membrane keeps water out.

To test these 40cm long socks’ tall claims, I rode through Mumbai’s torrential downpours and crossed a couple of rivers in Ladakh, while either wearing my TCX street boots or a Gaerne MX boot. Both of them are not waterproof, mind you. In such conditions, the outer layer of the socks did get wet but my feet were absolutely dry. Whether it was riding through almost knee deep water or on days when the rain would not abate, they worked as advertised. 

The caveat is that Rynox insists you wear waterproof pants over the boots, to prevent water from trickling in while riding in a downpour. The day I didn’t wear those pants in that situation, I noticed my feet were damp but not soggy and wet. Then again I’ve noticed that you can get away without wearing waterproof pants in moderate to heavy rain, without any water ingress.

Another plus is that the Drycore membrane allows some amount of water vapour diffusion. This along with the Coolmax liner ensures there’s adequate breathability and no feeling of discomfort, even in hot and humid conditions. Except for some mild itchiness caused by the tight top elastic portion of the sock.

When the time comes to wash it, a gentle scrub in the shower is all it takes to get these socks feeling fresh again. 

For Rs 2,650, these may come across as a lot of money for a pair of socks. However, considering how well they work and the fact that a good Goretex boot costs 10 times more than these, the Rynox H2Go is quite a sensible investment.


Price: Rs 2,650

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