Ola Electric deliveries delayed


Ola Electric will be unable to meet its delivery timelines and its first batch of scooters will now reach customers in the second-half of December.

  • Ola says the delay is due to chip shortage

  • Deliveries were originally slated to begin in October-November

  • Second purchase window was also delayed to December 16

After a period of radio silence from Ola Electric regarding deliveries of its e-scooters, it has now emerged that Ola has sent emails to buyers of the first batch of S1 and S1 Pro scooters, explaining that deliveries have been delayed to the second-half of December.

The delay has been attributed to the global chip shortage, and the earliest delivery window for the scooters is now December 15-31. Deliveries were originally supposed to commence in the October-November period.

Meanwhile, the company continues to expand its test ride operations and is aiming for 1000 cities by December 15. We recently had a chance to ride Ola’s flagship product, the S1 Pro, and you can check out our review here.

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