Odometer back to square one: is that a problem?



I have a Honda City automatic ZXI with 22,000km on the odometer. The car had met with an accident after which its gearbox had to be changed. Later, there would be a beep in the console whenever the car started, and it would go away after a few seconds. When I complained to Honda about it, they replaced the meter board. This, however, reset the odometer back to 1km. Honda says it is not possible to retrieve the old data as the system is new. What issues will this pose?

Lavanya Sampath, Bengaluru

The replacement of the instrument cluster and restarting the odometer from 0km doesn’t cause any issue to the vehicle, other than affecting the actual mileage records as well as keeping a tab on the car’s maintenance schedule.

However, if you have been servicing your car from an authorised Honda workshop, their ‘Dlite’ dealer management system would have the vehicle’s entire history, including all repair and maintenance jobs performed so far.

You could refer to this data to ensure that the vehicle gets serviced according to schedule in the future. Moreover, when it comes to selling the car, the same records must be presented to the buyer in order to ascertain the correct odometer reading and age of the vehicle.

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