Made-in-India Honda Navi goes on sale in the US


Honda has launched the Navi in the US, making it the first developed-in-India Honda two-wheeler to be launched there.

  • Costs the equivalent of Rs 1.34 lakh

  • Offered in 4 colours

  • Gets a new instrument cluster

While we don’t have the pleasure of enjoying the Navi anymore, people in the US should be able to appreciate its quirky looks, comical lightness and overall fun factor. The US market already has some bite-sized Honda two-wheelers like the Grom and the Monkey, but the Navi’s $1,807 (Rs 1.34 lakh) price tag makes it a whole lot more affordable than the $3,399 (Rs 2.52 lakh) Grom and the $4,199 (Rs 3.12 lakh) Monkey.

With no power figure mentioned on the US website, it’s hard to tell whether any changes have been made to the engine, but in terms of appearance, it seems largely unchanged from the version sold in India, aside from new turn indicators and new instrumentation, though it is still entirely analogue.

The Navi was launched here in 2016 and did enjoy some initial sales success, but it failed to sustain that demand and was eventually discontinued in 2018. But it still continues to be manufactured at Honda’s Rajasthan factory and exported to overseas markets.

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