Hyundai Creta or Tata Nexon EV: Petrol-Electric dilemna



I currently own a Honda City ZX and a Honda Activa, and plan to buy a new four-wheeler for my sister Dr Neha A Shah – this year’s Rs 1 crore winner on KBC – for her daily commute in the city.

I am looking for a petrol car with automatic transmission. Having already owned a hatchback and a sedan in the past, I am looking for an SUV now, but I am not very keen on DCT transmission after hearing some horror stories of its failures in India. I am looking for either a sub-4m SUV like the Sonet or a bigger one like the Creta. My sister is keen on an electric automobile, but being a petrolhead, I am not very enthusiastic about an EV.

Viral A Shah, Mumbai

Firstly, our congratulations to your sister on winning the top KBC prize!

We feel the best option would be the Creta 1.5 with a CVT, which will serve your purpose well. The CVT, apart from being reliable, is smoother than a DCT, especially in stop-start traffic. The 1.5 naturally aspirated engine is quite responsive and has enough power for the daily grind.

The Nexon EV is also worth considering as it is even easier to drive, thanks to the seamless and instant power delivery and the quiet operation EVs are known for. Also, in this age of skyrocketing fuel prices, the running cost of the Nexon EV would be 10 percent of a Creta CVT. However, the Nexon EV is only practical if you have a charging facility at home or at office, as public charging stations are still far and few between.

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