Yamaha R15S homologated, likely to be more affordable than R15 V4


Yamaha has recently homologated the R15S, indicating that it could be reviving the nametag and slapping it onto a rebadged YZF-R15 V3.

  • The R15 V4 was launched last month

  • The R15S was previously a rebadged V1, sold in the V2 era

  • Could be slightly more powerful than R15 V4

Soon after it launched the YZF-R15 V2.0 in India, Yamaha reintroduced the V1 motorcycle under the R15S moniker. This was done to provide a more affordable alternative to the V2, as well as to offer a single-seat version of the bike, since not everyone was a fan of the extremely high pillion seat on the V2.

Now it seems Yamaha could be preparing to use the same approach once again, with the Japanese manufacturer having recently homologated the R15S nametag. The homologation documentation tells us not only the name, but also the power output, which, at 13.7kW (18.63hp), is not only slightly more than the V4’s 18.4hp, but also exactly identical to the R15 V3’s power output.

While a single seat won’t be one of the R15S’ attractions this time around, if it is indeed a rebadged R15 V3, it is likely to be more affordable than the V4. That’s because it will miss out on features like an upside-down fork, Bluetooth connectivity and optional quickshifter. Interestingly, the R15 V3 also hasn’t yet been removed from Yamaha’s website, even though the V4 has been added. The presence of both bikes simultaneously hints that, perhaps, Yamaha isn’t ready to let the V3 go just yet.

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