Tata Power installs over 1,000 public EV charging points across India


Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company, announced on Monday that it now has a network of over 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country. The company has carried out a rapid expansion over the course of the last three months. Even in July, when Tata Power announced its partnership with HPCL, it just had a little over 500 EV charging stations in about 100 cities.

  • Tata Power EV charging stations now present in nearly 180 cities
  • Company present across all segments of the EV eco-system
  • EZ chargers ecosystem also covers captive chargers and bus/fleet chargers

Tata Power: journey to 1,000 public charging stations

The first Tata EV chargers were installed in Mumbai. Now they are present in nearly 180 cities and in multiple state and National highways under various business models and market segments. The company plans to have a base of 10,000 charging stations on highways running the length and breadth of the country, thereby turning them into e-highways.

This 1,000-strong network of public EV charging stations is spread across a wide variety of places like offices, malls, hotels, retail outlets and places of public access. Charging is enabled with the Tata Power EZ charge mobile platform. In fact, the company is present across all segments of the EV eco-system – public charging, captive charging, home, workplace charging and ultra-rapid chargers for buses.

Tata Power: collaborations and partnerships

Tata Power has also collaborated with automakers such as Tata Motors, MG Motors India, Jaguar Land Rover and TVS Motor to develop EV charging infrastructure for their customers and dealers. The partnerships with multiple state transport utilities facilitate e-bus charging, furthering the cause of green public transport. Tata Power also actively collaborates with IOCL, HPCL, IGL, MGL and multiple state governments for developing EV Charging Infrastructure (EVCI).

With a marked shift in EV adoption, particularly in key cities and metros, the company has expanded its footprint into the electric three-wheeler and two-wheeler charging market. Earlier this month, Tata Power and TVS Motor inked a strategic partnership to drive the comprehensive implementation of EVCI across India and deploy solar power technologies at TVS Motor locations.

In July, Tata Power and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL) joined forces to provide end-to-end EV charging stations at HPCL’s retail outlets (fuel stations) in multiple cities and major highways across the country.

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