Preparing a Toyota Glanza for a 2000km roadtrip


I am planning a mega road-trip of about 2,000km in my 2020 Toyota Glanza. What are the things I should keep in mind?

Abhiram, Bengaluru

It would be a good idea to get a preventive health check-up done on your car to ensure that all vital fluids – like engine oil, coolant, brake oil and wiper washer liquid – are in place and up to the requisite levels. A thorough check up of the brake pads, tyre tread levels, alignment, and tyre pressure, along with ensuring proper functioning of all lights is important as well.

Furthermore, since the journey is going to predominantly involve highway driving, we would recommend getting an underbody/engine protection guard for your Toyota Glanza.

While the Glanza and Maruti Suzuki Baleno come devoid of an engine sump guard assembly from the factory, it could be easily fitted at the service centre. You could order the following part numbers online, preferably on, and get them fitted at the nearest Toyota service centre.

Part number 72410 M 54T00 corresponds to Cover Comp, Engine Under, while 72812 M 54T00 and 72822 M 54T00 correspond to the Covers, Main Floor Under, which come pre-installed on the latest Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Swift; they are a plug-and-play fitment on the Baleno as well as Glanza, as all these cars are essentially based on the same platform.

This entire engine-guard assembly, made of ABS plastic, will ensure that the oil sump remains protected from debris and unwanted stones lying on the road that could be encountered and not circumvented at high speeds.

Alongside, we would also advise you to keep an emergency kit with a tow strap, jumper cable, puncture-repair kit and a portable tyre inflator in the boot to be prepared for any adverse situation.

Sufficient recharge of the vehicle’s FASTag and ensuring that refuelling is only done at seemingly shipshape fuel stations would be a good practice to follow while on a mega road trip. Lastly, we would also stress upon stocking enough sanitisers, face masks and surface disinfectants, considering the COVID-19 situation.

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