MG Gloster or used 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC: which to buy?


I am currently selling my Ford Endeavour and want to switch to either the new MG Gloster or a 2019 Mercedes GLC with 9,500km on the odometer. Mine is a family of four and we travel as a group of six maybe five times a year. Can you please help me make a decision?

Nishant Dua, Delhi

If you have been using a Ford Endeavour then you may like the Gloster as it is a large, body-on-frame SUV with more space and a pair of very comfortable captain seats in the rear. It also has a more comfortable ride than the Endeavour, but the engine isn’t quite as strong. The GLC is a completely different SUV offering a much better driving experience, a great sense of luxury and a build quality that is far superior. An odometer reading of 9,500km is not very high, so if you like the GLC, then go for it. Owning a Merc is quite special. However, do give the car a thorough check at a competent independent garage to avoid any surprises that may crop up later on.

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