Honda’s patent for new superbike shows unique chassis


Patent images reveal that Honda is taking things to the next level with what might be its upcoming superbike. While there’s quite a bit on display in the images, the biggest talking point is the frame.

  • Chassis made up of three main sections

  • Conventional four-cylinder engine

  • Weight savings expected

The frame is made up of three main sections that use the engine as its structure. Towards the front is a section that helps mount the steering components to the top of the engine. This unit also appears to have a hollow design that could likely hold the electronics.

The second part of the three-piece frame is mounted at the bottom of the powertrain. This structural unit helps mount the single-sided swingarm, monoshock and foot pegs. However, where things get really unique is with the third piece of the frame. It appears to be a large single-piece unit that supports not only the seat, but also holds the fuel tank. Interestingly, it is said that Honda’s patent specifically references elements of the bike intended to drop production costs, suggesting that despite the large single-piece component, it’s not expected to be an expensive product. A frame like this is also expected to help save weight.

The patent images also give a clear view of the inline four-cylinder engine that looks quite similar to the one on the Fireblade. It also appears to have a digi-analogue gauge that has a tachometer that reads up to 14,000rpm. The simple switchgear also suggests that this bike won’t feature a DCT.

Lastly, components like the mirrors, number plate mounts, lights and side stand indicate that this motorcycle is not just a concept and is likely an upcoming production model.


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