Here Come New Ideas For Increase Productivity Of Auto Shop



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| Automotive Service and repair productivity tips | Autoblog | Auto | Autonews |

Last month I asked, “Did you beat last year’s profit by 40 % or more?” I hope you compared your dealership’s performance to those benchmarks so you could identify the opportunities for improvement in your service operations. I also stated in my opinion that most dealers do not have an expense problem, but they do most likely have a lack of gross profit. This is the primary reason they are not realizing the net profit they deserve from their investment in fixed operations. Assuming your expenses are in line.

While you're thinking about what to do, consider how your business can improve in areas that will save time and money.

Consider the most efficient ways to handle customers when you are busy. You may need more than one person working on customer service or taking phone calls when your shop is very busy. Keeping an organized schedule with standardized procedures is absolutely essential in running a successful auto repair business.

It can be sometimes hard to come up with cost-effective ways to improve productivity at your auto repair shop.

With the long hours and the day-to-day business demands, you don’t have much time to explore ways to boost productivity.  To help get you started, we’ve come up with a list of quick and easy techniques to increase productivity at your auto repair shop.

These productivity tips will make your employees and yourself more efficient.  You’ll accomplish more than you ever thought was possible

Having an auto service workshop is stress-free when you get your employees to deliver results. I have listed 10 ways that will help you boost productivity.

Communicate: Communication is one of the most important things that you can do to increase productivity. Talk with technicians and staff on the progress of repairs. Keep lines of communication open so employees can report problems. Strengthen leadership skills: You must be a strong leader who is willing

Create Productivity Lists: It’s important to keep track of what everyone is doing.  Be sure to have a list of repairs nearby to help schedule technicians where needed.  Have a calendar to help plan ahead for busy times of the year.

Plan Better: Planning is at the top of the list when it comes to improving productivity. When planning, keep these tips in mind.Plan ahead! Be sure to plan your staffing needs weeks or even months in advance. Remember that a plan can always be changed if need be. If things are not running smoothly, review and update your plan. It's best to write down

Set Deadlines: Set deadlines for yourself and employees. These deadlines are not set in stone. They can be flexible. The whole point is to create time limits on repair work to increase productivity. If more time is needed have other technicians help out with the repairs.

Make a List:  Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done. This will keep you from forgetting anything.  As you complete each task check it off your list.

Hire Good Employees: The best way to increase productivity is by hiring good employees.  Take the time to interview many people.  Don’t settle on the first person that meets the qualifications. Check references and weigh your options. This will help you to ensure that you hire good technicians who will be able to provide excellent service for your customers.

Train Your Technicians And Staff: To be productive, you need a top-notch staff. Take the time to properly train employees. If you have a training manual, go over it with them. Have someone you trust to train them on policies and how to operate important tools and machinery.

Make Sure Your Tools And Equipment Are In Good Working Order: If you have a faulty tool, it's going to take longer to do your job.  A broken tool can be dangerous, too.  If you're servicing cars at the same time you're repairing tools, you could easily cause an accident.

Delegate Responsibility: Trusting others to solve problems will significantly increase the productivity at your auto repair shop.  If you’ve hired good employees and trained them well, there should be no problems with delegating responsibility to them.

Always Use a Checklist:  As a business owner in the auto repair industry, you will have many responsibilities. Adding a checklist to your daily routine can be very beneficial because it will help you focus on the most important tasks. This way, you won’t get distracted by other issues that are not as important.

Embrace technology: The automobile industry is constantly evolving, which means that your business needs to be on the same page. Be certain you are utilizing today's technology in your auto repair shop.

Technology is meant to make your job easier, not harder. Look for tools and computer systems that will improve your auto repair shop. Updating your auto repair management software can significantly improve productivity.

Create Meaningful Breaks: Taking breaks are important in improving productivity.  It’s hard to fit breaks in when the auto shop is busy, but they’re important.  Breaks allow you and your technicians to reset and relax.  This in turn makes you more productive.

Appreciate Technicians And Staff: When your technicians are productive, their jobs are easier.  And when they’re happy at work, they will be more productive.
The best way to keep your employees and technicians is to appreciate them and show them with small tokens of appreciation such as Incentives, gift cards or dinner for two.  This lets them feel appreciated and know that they made the right choice

It also will encourage them to keep up the productivity.


If you want to increase productivity at your auto service workshop, it’s important to follow these tips. 

We hope that this post has been helpful and thank you for taking the time to read our article! 

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you by giving your valuable suggestion and feedback in the comment section

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