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A simple guide for Auto Dealership to know their Break-Even Point (BEP)

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|Break-Even Point Analysis|

Many people talk about what is the break-even point of a business, but not many people know how to calculate it. This article give you the formula and the real time simulator to calculate your own break even point

# How To Calculate Break Even Point click below to go to Real time BEP Calculator

Don't worry its safe & secure but before going to simulator please read blog completely

BEP Calculator is a simple google spreadsheet that can help you to calculate the number of cars or vehicles you will need in order to reach a certain level of sales. 

The break-even point is that level at which sales revenue equals total costs. 

When it comes to open or maintain car or auto dealership, the most common thing people think about is how much they can afford to spend. While cost is definitely important, understanding your break even point for sales is equally as important. 

The break-even point for sales refers to the number of units that have to be sold in order to cover fixed costs and generate a profit.

The break even point formula takes into account all expenses associated with running a business and dividing it by the price of your product or service. This figure can be used to know what amount of cars or vehicles you need to sell each month, quarter, or year in order to stay afloat and pay your employees and other expenses.

Break-even analysis is a tool used to determine the point in which sales revenue equals cost. Break-even analysis can be applied to an individual product or company, and it involves determining the sales volume required for the company to cover all of its costs and start generating a profit. This is important because it helps businesses understand at what level of sales they will begin making a profit, and how much they need to sell in order for that break-even point to occur.

list of things require to calculate
  1. Volumes (in Nos)
  2. No.of Sales Executive
  3. Average Sales Price per Vehicle
  4. Average Dealer Margin per Vehicle
  5. Discount per Vehicle
  6. Finance Penetration* (% of total Sales)
  7. Finance Income per  case
  8. Insurance Penetration (% of total Sales)
  9. Insurance Income per case
  10. Extended Warranty Penetration* (% of total Sales)
  11. Extended Warranty Income per case
  12. Accessories Sales per Vehicle
  13. Accessories Margin (in %)
  14. Handling Charges per Vehicle Net
  15. OEM incentive  per vehicle
  16. No. of Employees (For Sales)
  17. Monthly salary 
  18. Monthly incentive to sales department (% NRI)
  19. Fixed Cost
  20. Variable Cost per vehicle
  21. Inventory (in no. of days of sale)*
  22. Rate of Interest

Penetration :

If your wondering what is penetration. Then let us tell you that if you are selling 200 no. of cars and 80 of them are through Car loan so that means 40% is your penetration. same way for extended warranty & Insurance

Inventory (in no. of days of sale)

The inventory holding period shows the number of days on average that a business holds inventory

How to Use BEP Calculator

(Sample data is used for better understanding)

Step 1

Read Instructions

Please follow these instructions:
Please fill all the details in the designated space (marked in light yellow)
The BEP Simulator consists of 2 segments i.e. The present scenario, Break Even Point
All the data to be filled in present scenario = (Avg. monthly performance of last three months)
Hence, the simulator would generate the data for the present scenario of your company and also the Break even for current scenario
BEP Simulator sheet will give you the result what is your Break even point (BEP)

Step 2

Fill the data as per the list marked in light yellow color

Key Assumptions for the MonthValues Per Month
Volumes (in Nos)4
No.of Sales Executive5
Average Sales Price per Vehicle723500
Average Dealer Margin per Vehicle22615
Discount per Vehicle10000
Finance Penetration (% of total Sales)30%
Finance Income per case1500
Insurance Penetration (% of total Sales)30%
Insurance Income per case500
Extended Warranty Penetration (% of total Sales)30%
Extended Warranty Income per case200
Accessories Sales per Vehicle5000
Accessories Margin (in %)15%
Handling Charges per Vehicle Net3000
OEM incentive per vehicle1000
No. of Employees (For Sales)15
Monthly salary10000
Monthly incentive to sales department (% NRI)0.00%
Fixed Cost20000
Variable Cost per vehicle3000
Inventory (in no. of days of sale)45
Rate of Interest14%
Interest Cost per vehicle12265
No. of vehicles sold per Sales Executive0.88

Step 3

You will get the BEP result


Step 4

Addition to the BEP number you will also get a Profit & Loss statement for Present & BEP scenario

Present Condition / ScenarioBreak Even Point
ParticularsValuePer VehicleValuePer Vehicle
Dealer Margin9988322615231364422615
Net Handling Charges1325030003069173000
Net Margin6896615615159750415615
Finance Income198845046038450
Insurance Income66315015346150
Extended Warranty Income26560613860
Net Accessories Income288065266721652
OEM Incentives4417100000
Net Retained Income (NRI)7917817927173174616927
Staff Cost
Fixed Salary150000339621500001466
Total Staff Cost150000339621500001466
Fixed Cost20000452820000195
Variable Cost1325030003069173000
Total Overheads183250414914769174662
Cash Profit-158244-3582900

Conclusion: In the end, calculating your break even point for vehicle sales will help you make a better decision about whether or not to make major investment decision or run the dealership in the future. We've provided you with some useful information on how to calculate this figure and what it means for you, so be sure to check out our blog post today!

We hope this article helped you know about "How to calculate your Break Even Point (BEP) analysis for your dealership?"

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