Way-out for Auto aftersales down trend due to Effect of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a swift and severe impact on the globally integrated automotive industry. This is placing intense pressure on an industry already coping with a downshift in global demand.

Electric mobility, ride sharing these are few steps to cover the COVID crisis and these are relates to sales but what about the down trend of service inflow and how to regain the sheen.

10 small cost effective ways or steps to increase the productivity of workshop

It can be sometimes hard to come up with cost effective ways to improve productivity at workshop. With the long hours and the day-to-day business demands, you don’t have much time to explore ways to boost productivity.  To help get you started, we’ve come up with a list of quick and easy techniques to increase productivity at your workshop.

These productivity tips will make your employees and yourself more efficient.  You’ll accomplish more than you ever thought was possible.

·         Plan better

Planning is an important part of improving productivity. Plan your staffing ahead of time. Plan weeks ahead. Remember a plan can be revisited. If things are not running smoothly, update the plan. Also, be sure to write the plan down on paper.

·         Communicate

Communication is one of the most important things that you can do to increase productivity. Regularly talk with technicians & staff on the progress of repairs. Be sure the lines of communication are always open so employees can report problems.

·         Hire good employees

Take the time to interview lots of people. Don’t settle on the first person that meets the qualification. Weigh your options and be sure to check references. This will help to ensure you hire good employees.

·         Embrace or implement Technology

Technology is meant to make your job easier not harder. Look for tools and software utilities that will improve your workshop in terms of Productivity & profitability. Updating your workshop management software can significantly improve your control on workshop.

·         Train your Technicians & staff

If you want to be productive, you need a top-notch staff for that prepare a training need analysis & identify the staff who already trained. Implement train the trainer or KT sessions. Allocate the time to properly train employees. If you have a training manual, go over it with them.

·         Delegate responsibility

Every employee in organisation is a customer for fellow employee and how customer has to be treated will be depends on check & balance methods since manager can’t keep his hand or present everywhere, trusting others to solve problems will significantly increase the productivity at your workshop. If you have adopt best technology and hired good employees and trained them well, there should be no problems with delegating responsibilities to them.

·         Set deadlines

Set deadlines scientifically for yourself and employees. Calculate your capacity utilization it may be based on number of bays or number of technicians. These deadlines are not set in stone. They can be flexible. The whole point is to create time limits on repair work to increase productivity.

·         Create Productivity

It’s important to keep track of what everyone is doing. Be sure to have list of vehicles & repairs nearby to help schedule technicians where needed. Have a calendar to help plan ahead for busy times of the year.

·         Appreciate & Reward

Take the time to tell someone when they are doing an outstanding job. This shows that you care & appreciate their work. It also encourage them to keep up the productivity.

·         Create meaningful breaks

Taking breaks are important when bots need breaks we are humans, to maintain the productivity. It’s hard to fit breaks when the workshop is busy, but they are important. Breaks allow you and your technicians to reset and relax. This in turns makes you more productive.


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